Tuesday, January 12, 2016

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What if you won 1.5 Billion Dollars? 

I was listening to the radio as I traveled to Cedarville, Ohio this week, and the Powerball Jackpot has risen to 1.4 billion dollars.  By the drawing on Wednesday, I expect the total prize to be $1.5 billion.  If one were to win, the actual payout (after taxes) will be somewhere around $500,000,000.  That is some amazing prize.

What would you do with that kind of money?

If you have talked with anyone at all about this drawing, the question rises, "what would you do with that kind of money?"  From vacation houses to paying off debt, from taking care of family and friends to buying an island, the answers differ from person to person.  What doesn't seem to differ is the enthusiasm that accompanies the idea of being a millionaire - or a MULTI-MILLIONAIRE!!

Here is a thought for us as believers...

Almost everyone would agree that if they won that kind of money, they would take care of family and friends.  They would give them as much as they can to help them out.  They would pay their bills, set them up financially for life, or at least make sure they were sufficiently blessed.  Even those who do not know Christ as Savior share this philanthropic ideal.

Isn't what we have in Christ far more valuable than $1.5 Billion?

Money is passing, pleasure is passing, ease in this life is passing... EVERYTHING in this life is passing.  Living with God is eternal!  Being part of His family, sharing in the eternal inheritance, spending time with Jesus in Heaven is ETERNAL!  Why is it that we have such a difficult time sharing something that is infinitely more valuable than money and possessions?  Why are we not making sure that the gift that we have been given in Jesus Christ - that, by the way, does not diminish as it is shared with others (like money does) - is not made available for everyone we come in contact with?

Is it possible that we have lost the vision for the value of His Grace given to us?

Just a thought...

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