Tuesday, April 21, 2015

NEBC - Guatemala Trip - Day 3

Today is our first full day at the camp, and you can tell that the team is excited about the kids coming today. 

We began the day with breakfast followed by our devotional time in Hebrews.  We are walking through the 11th chapter this week and looking at heroes of faith in the Old Testament.  I am amazed at the people that were chosen for this chapter, and the things that were highlighted about their lives.  We talked about what it means to live a life of faith.

After this the adults had a meeting with Orpha and we talked about the plans for the week.  The teenagers were helping the counselors in preparation for the arrival of the kids.  As the morning wore on, the anticipation grew for the arrival of the kids.

At one point we all headed off to the basketball court to practice some of the songs/dancing that we would be doing with the kids.  Everyone found their way on to the court and were dancing the motions that the counselors were teaching us.  It was fun, but very funny to watch.

Eventually the kids arrived, and the next 8 hours was filled with all kinds of interactions.  The team did a great job connecting with the kids by playing basketball, futbol, swimming, individual games, talking, sharing, etc.  We had lunch and dinner at different parts of the “salon”, because we cannot eat their food, but we still had the opportunity to interact with them after they ate. 

Some highlights of the day was watching the kids get off the bus – cheering as they saw the counselors and the team.  We helped the kids get their luggage and head off to their cabins.  The teenage girls shared their testimonies in the evening worship time and I pray that God uses that in the lives of the kids.

The team had a great wrap up time as the kids headed off to their cabins for their own wrap up time.  We prayed together, and then we headed off to bed…  Or, not.  As I am writing this, the teen girls are doing their devotional work for tomorrow (together) – we are studying the life of Abraham.  The men are playing Rummy.   The ladies – probably asleep already as it is 10:00.  This really is a great team, and I am excited about what God will do as they continue to serve the workers and the children here at Camp Canaan.

Enough for now – no, I am not joining the Rummy game… I stepped in a mud pit during the soccer game, so I need to get cleaned up.  It’s about time…  Tomorrow is more of the same, and yet a new day all together – I am looking forward to what God does.

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